The 10 Laws of Copywriting

WARNING: This is not a course from a guru on the inspirational speaking circuit. This is not a how to guide written by a marketing intern. This content is based on real marketing experience and consistent results.
Why copywriting? What’s the big deal about it?
  • You could be selling your product without having to pick up the phone or getting on a Zoom call.
  • You could have sent that uncomfortable email to your kid’s teacher in two minutes -- instead of sweating over it for two days.

I’m serious. This isn’t clickbait. Those are both possible (and actually become easy) if you can get good at copywriting.

Copywriting isn’t like the regular writing they wanted to teach you in school (I think I got a D in high school english btw…)

Copywriting is headlines, hooks, and stories.

It’s short, choppy copy crafted to get your attention and KEEP IT.

It’s a way of writing that will:
  • Reach through the screen of your customer’s iPhone and hold their hand all the way through checkout.
  • Get complete strangers to instantly know, like, and trust your brand (and then tell all of their friends about you too).
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills -- whether you need to send that clear and persuasive company email as a manager, or that uncomfortable email to your landlord or your kid’s teacher.
  • Actually get people to respond to your emails (imagine that).

Copywriting is the single most important skill to master in business, and for the first time I’m going to share my 10 laws of copywriting with you:

Law #1

You must learn how people make decisions.

Law #2

You must uncover the selfish benefit.

Law #3

You must learn how to tell a great story.

Law #4

You must write like you talk.

Law #5

You must use your customer's words, not yours.

Law #6

You must write short, choppy copy.

Law #7

You must be specific.

Law #8

You must nail the headline.

Law #9

You must back everything up with social proof.

Law #10

You must address objections upfront.

At the risk of over-selling you on this thing, I promise you’ll get at least one new lesson from this handbook.
And in most cases, this will be something you want to print, staple, and keep on your desk so you can reference it every time you write until it becomes second nature.

I was never a math guy, so a few years ago I ditched the spreadsheets and decided to study direct response marketing and learn copywriting. It was the single best decision of my career.

These copywriting lessons have helped me launch products and side projects that standout in crowded markets, sell thousands of copies of books, land features in the New York Times, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review, create podcasts that climb the Apple Podcasts charts, and grow my career from marketing manager to Chief Marketing Officer in four years.

For the first time, I went deep to breakdown the 10 most important copywriting lessons I’ve learned, and that’s why I’m calling them the Laws of Copywriting. You’ll get access to my 182 slide deck (you can screenshot and steal every slide) and the 1 hour and 10 minute video I made to walk through it.

And in addition to getting the 10 laws of copywriting, you can also get my 7 email secrets. I made another 40 minute video (and slides) that you can get too. And here I am sharing the exact email scripts and the process I use to write product signup emails, welcome emails, win back emails, referral emails, and more. This is the best way to see some of the laws of copywriting in action (since people usually want examples). But, you can literally just steal my ideas from the deck since you’ll get all this content and use it for your own emails. This is a separate offer you can get inside.

Plus, I also created a private podcast feed with both trainings so you can listen on the go with your favorite podcast app (since I figured you might want to get this during a workout or on a drive; you’ll get access to a private podcast feed). This is another separate offer you can get inside.

***And since today is my 33rd birthday, I’m launching the laws of copywriting for $33 for today only June 9, 2020***

After June 9, the price will go up to $100.

Douglas Barron
Douglas Barron
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As a CEO (3x Startup, 2x multi-million biz owner, 1x IPO), Dave Gerhardt’s Laws of Copywriting gave me the confidence to KNOW that I needed to hire a professional to help me.

Combining a casual + catchy delivery style with his ability to wield both the magic wand and scientific measuring stick, Dave creates the virtual hand-wave to catch your attention and then follows with a powerful customer creating hand-shake.

Easy to recommend… put on repeat and learn; then buy his email content.
David Hoos
David Hoos
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Dave's Laws of Copywriting was great!
He's taken all the best insights from the classics and distilled them down into a punchy actionable list that I can use to improve my copy tomorrow.
It was definitely worth it.
Gabriel Lim
Gabriel LimCo-founder and CEO
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I immediately put the knowledge I learnt from Dave's Laws of Copywriting to work.

I wrote a new blog post that incorporated as many of these laws as possible.

And the very early results are starting to show. People are sharing and discussing about my blog post on LinkedIn — this has never happened to me before.

And the best part, I'm not totally surprised — my old copywriting that didn't incorporate these laws were dull and staid in comparison.

I would go as far as to say that this was the best "education purchase" I made all year thus far.
Tyler Stahle
Tyler Stahle
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DG’s laws of copywriting and email secrets are a must for any marketer! Jam-packed with actionable ideas and specific examples; I’ve found myself going back to his advice multiple times each week to enhance my copywriting and marketing skills. This is the copywriting resource to keep handy at your desk.

PS. you really should make a physical book for this. I’d have it dog eared and on my desk at all times.
Catherine Quiambao
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As soon as I finished DG’s Laws of Copywriting, I put my learnings to test.
I did a recap of my top 3 takeaways on LinkedIn (my first ever post from scratch). Guess what, I woke up the next day to find out that my post was trending in #copywriting and has over 11k views. I can’t believe it! That’s Laws of Copywriting at work.

This is hands down my best investment this year.
Mitchell Earl
Mitchell EarlCOO at Praxis
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Spent $133 on Dave Gerhardt's Laws of Copywriting + 7 Email Secrets last week. Honestly hesitated before spending the extra $100 for the email secrets. But did it anyway.

Sent an email out to my list yesterday applying two of those secrets (refer a friend and PS).

Woke up this morning to a flooded inbox. Highest response-rate email I've sent in months.

~30+ people replied with an introduction, someone's contact info, or to let me know they forwarded my email to a friend.

~30 people RSVP'd for an info session next week – FROM THE PS ALONE. (literally as I've been typing this another one just rolled in)

If we get even ONE new customer from buying Laws of Copywriting + 7 Email Secrets – that's a 90x return on my investment. And I've already started conversations with 60+ people. From just one email. What else is getting those kinds of returns?!

Best money I've spent. If you haven't bought Laws of Copywriting – GO DO IT NOW! It will pay for itself over and over again!
Henry Johnson
Henry JohnsonHead of Sales & Marketing
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Dave Gerhardt is a marking genius. Him and Gary Vaynerchuck, thats it, thats the list!

I love what Dave has put together with Laws of Copywriting. It's everything he has been talking about in regard to copywriting for years, distilled and put into a very digestible formate.

Even better, theres a podcast for people, like me, that don't have a lot of time to read books and watch videos.

Dave has really figured out marketing in 2020. I love what he put together here.
Stewart Hillhouse
Stewart HillhouseMarketing Manager
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At $20 a title, reading the entire library of direct response marketing and copywriting books that Dave's read would easily cost you $400-600. Plus, you'd have to read the full book, put the insights to practice, then decide if they make your top 10 list or not.

Let Dave save you the hassle (and the hefty Amazon bill). At $100, The Ten Laws of Copywriting is the perfect foundation for anyone looking to sell a product or idea.

Writing is the sales person you only have to train once, but who will work 24/7 for you and never want to re-negotiate compensation. Multiply that by the distribution power of the Internet, and you'll quickly realize that there has never been a better time to know how to persuade others through writing.

Follow Dave Gerhardt's The 10 Laws of Copywriting and put yourself ahead of 95% of other marketers. Armed with The 10 Laws, it's up to you to find out how far that last 5% can go.

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