OK. This might be the better offer.

You can get my 7 email secrets too.

The Laws of Copywriting are the foundation. But this content is where I actually show you how to put the laws to work. I made a 40 minute video sharing my email secrets for the first time, and you can get all of the content.

With My 7 Email Secrets, You’ll Get My Exact Scripts For:

  • My Product Signup Welcome (for free/freemium/product users)
  • My Blog Welcome (for new content/blog subscribers)
  • My Cold Sales Email (for getting responses from prospects)
  • My Event Reminders (for getting more people to your events)
  • Refer A Friend Email (to ask for referrals)
  • Win Back Email (to reach back out to old contacts, closed lost deals, expired trailers)
  • The PS Will You Share This (to get your content to spread)

But I’m not just sharing the script and walking away — this is a 40 minute video. I break down each email (I wrote up email examples in a Google Doc) and explain the goal for each email and how that influences the way I write each email. For example – a cold sales email is going to be way different than a blog welcome email, and each require a different copywriting strategy. I’ll show you…

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